The Hair (Piece): Jokhon Chul Chilo

Few weeks ago, I got a Facebook comment from a family friend, who recently saw my profile picture; after being out of touch with me for ~ 25 years, she is amazed at my tectonic hair loss!

One Day when there was hair!

Most friends, those who stayed in touch, have accepted the shift of my hairline many years ago. This soul, on the other hand, almost had a coronary!

Having been genetically pre-disposed to this endearingly called Taklu in Bangla, I have never really paid too much attention to my follicle challenge.

Unapologetically I ask my barber for a “bald man special” or proudly subscribe to The Chrome Dome.

When I worked in Fostoria, Ohio, many years ago, one of my co-workers once taught me: “When life deals you a lemon, make lemonade”. How does one make lemonade with a follicle challenge?

Less use of shampoo (yes, we do use some shampoo)
No hair gel/spray products (my eco-conscious side kicks in)
Never have to carry combs/brushes. Never have to worry about tussled hair when I step out of my convertible

There are so many to list.

As I write this, it is worth pondering, why we are so engaged with things, that are so completely out of our control, e.g. hair loss, vertical challenge or prescription lenses?

Wouldn’t it be more productive and meaningful to spend the time worrying about the things we can control.

• How much do we smile daily!
• How many times do we lie, cheat or hurt someone else!
• How we recognize and (sincerely) thank people who love us, care for us, give us feedback or do something special on an ordinary day!
• How many times do we demonstrate our generosity towards someone who may have less than what we have!

Very few people, who have met my father, would say that he fit the paradigm of a typical “good looking” man. It’s amazing, that after 30 years of his death, when people talk about him, they remember his kindness, his personal warmth or sincerity. People fondly recollect how, in his quiet way, helped someone or consoled them after a sad loss.

Not a single person, in these many years, has mentioned the reflection off his bald head or some other physical characteristic. As if, over time, memories of our physical features get completely erased, replaced with what truly matters: inner content and the reflection we leave on people.

I look forward to the days that my children are labeled more for their kindness or vivaciousness, their wide smile, generosity or good-natured disposition or something that truly defines who they are.

In the meantime, many years from now, I wish, someone will remember me for my smile, right below my gigantic nose and small beady eyes and shining forehead!


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