One Sip At A Time: November 2010

I like the way Shania enjoys her ice-cream – one, small lick at a time.

Her little delicious enjoyment sometimes means that the ice-cream melts before it is fully enjoyed and drips over her tiny fingers. 

This concept, of enjoying something that you love, one small portion a time – versus gulping through life – is worth emulating.

Last March, we had some childhood friends over at our home, for a special occasion. After some sumptuous biriyani – with raita (cucumber and yogurt salad) and achar (hot or sweet garnish/pickle) – commingled with a mild Pinot – we moved to the patio where the discussion flowed and the wine sipping continued. We were talking about our high school days – singing songs – some were smoking a cigar – vintage Hindi/Bangla/English tunes played in the background. We were enjoying every moment of this wonderful evening.  

Moments like these,  that connect our past with our future, are few and far in-between. You want to hold on to them and never let them go.

These are moments, in life that you savor for a life time; you sip them, one drop at a time. Like a good mug of hot Arabian Java, or a wonderful Gelato, wonderful moments in life must be hand-crafted and savored drip by drip.

Recently, Starbucks told their service Baristas to making one cup of coffee at time. It’s for this same reason: to make it an experience – versus just a cup a coffee.

One may question, do we have to lead our lives in that hurried, fast-food style – or is it valuable in this mish-mash random, uniqueness that make you crave for more. The winning formula at McDonald’s is the consistency of their food – one serving to another. But there is absolutely no soul in that experience. I would rather starve (or eat burnt toast).

These moments of soulful experience – may be orchestrated – and created. They may happen at random occasions, but to just wait for them to show up one day, is not enough.

Such soulful activity typically comprises of three elements: first, one must crave the moment; second, be spontaneous and ready to accept what happens next, and third, believe in its utter randomness. Once you embrace these, you are more likely to create and look forward such amazing experiences.

Flexibility or agility is the key to enjoying these experiences. It’s not about the routine; on the contrary, it’s all about surprise –attached to mystery and knowing that this moment may never happen again. When you do start experiencing this stage of “bliss” – savor it, like a good dessert – don’t gulp it down, as fast as you can.

Shania’s experience with ice-cream has a lot to teach us. It’s not the length of the experience that matters – what matters is how you feel when you get your first taste of any experience – and then how you savor it. 

When Shania heads to the ice-cream sundae bar this morning, she first takes a scoop of vanilla ice-cream, tempers it with colorful sprinkles, chocolate chips, caramel syrup, m&m and tops it off with whipped-cream and two red cherries.

She knows what she wants, creates it and enjoys every drop of it. Life is much nicer, treated like an ice-cream sundae bar. I hope you enjoy your ice-cream to your heart’s content.

The moment that’s here today, may not last till tomorrow. Sip it – relish it, one drip at a time.


4 thoughts on “One Sip At A Time: November 2010

  1. so cute. i can visualize Shania taking each sip/lick, while cherishing her most fav mixture of treat… you not only captured her moves, you even described how one should cherish and savor the things they love to eat, do or even the person they love. keep on writing. i enjoy each and every one of them.
    btw: was it Biriyani, in March? wonder how it turned out? it was so long ago, hard to rememebr…

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience. I am positively amazed that a five year old can alert you and remind you of such delicious, enjoyable moments that life has to offer. I am sure, knowing Wasima as i do, Biriyani was perfect! Cheers.

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