A Father’s Moment: A Daughter’s Letter on Father’s Day: June 2011

Father's Day with my three beautiful daughters!

It’s already been an amazing day. I woke up to hugs and kisses; a great brunch with amazing Eggs Benedict and my favorite roast beef, followed by a boat ride, swimming in the pool and now dinner at a famous burger joint! All with my most favorite people in the world. What an experience!

The best gift is the personal letter that my sixteen-year old gave me this morning:

Dear Daddy,

This past year has been incredibly tough, but we are getting through it all. I always knew I was Daddy’s “little girl”, but in the recent events, we have gotten much closer.

I can honestly say that if I did not have a Dad as caring and loving as you are, one that understands and only wants the best for me, I don’t know if I would have been able to get through the past 9 months.

Our retail therapy shopping is the best; our father/daughter movie/dinner dates are always fun. I love spending time with you and most of all, that we get along. Most fathers and daughters would never be able to even understand how close we are; they could never imagine having our kind of a relationship. I can’t name one friend who puts their best friend on the speaker in front of their Dad while they are fighting!

I love that you are so easy to talk to and you always understand where I am coming from. I love you Daddy, your are MY BEST FRIEND.

Happy Father’s Day


I used to always believe that Father’s/Mother’s Day are Hallmark created events that are designed for increased merchandising. I know in my heart, that partially that’s true. Every day is Mother’s or Father’s day in my universe. However, on this Sunday afternoon, I look outside at the Paradise we live in, and count the blessings in our lives.

I still cherish the gift of these beautiful children, in my life. Thank you God, for giving me the privilege to be a father and enjoying this amazing day!


3 thoughts on “A Father’s Moment: A Daughter’s Letter on Father’s Day: June 2011

  1. There is a positive and compound affect when great leaders are great fathers. What a touching tribute to you, Zain.

    …today I received a copy of an obituary of a colleague who passed last year. He was a young-ish father and loving husband expecing his first grandchild. His success was unmatched to his being a great Dad and husband. Business is business, but in that we get to touch so many people that add intrinsic value to what we do as professionals. Thank you for sharing and thanks for the add on LinkedIn!

    Nina Rodriguez

    1. Thank you for your comment, Nina. Being a father is far more rewarding than being a leader. While work sometimes defines who we are, life is far more than that definition. Zain

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