The Eternal Sunsets and the Sunrises of our Lives: Sep 2011

Look at the two photographs below; both resplendent with amazing beauty of the Sun either rising or setting. Sometimes, one wonders, which one is the sunrise and which one is the sunset, in this series.

Viewing the Sun at Annapolis Harbor last week

My comment: why does it matter?

They are both spectacularly beautiful times– symbolizing the two most beautiful moments of any day.

Both are serene times, when we either, sit back and think about what we will do during the next few hours – or what we may have accomplished during the last few hours.

A smooth glass of Oregon Pinot Noir  or a crisp Pinot Grigio in hand, one enjoys a sunset with some wonderful slow jazz; alternately, a crisp cup of steaming Java, with some bright Jason Mraz, makes a beautiful Sunrise even more spectacular.

Is sunrise or sunset that different from each other? Which is the beginning, and which one is really the ending?

Why do we have to pick one favorite moment in our lives?

Why can’t we celebrate both?

I have had the opportunity to watch spectacular sunrises by the dormant Kilauea Volcano in the Big Island of Hawaii, or a simple cottage on the waters in Bar Harbor, Maine; I have watched amazing sunsets in the Himalyas in Nepal and also on the ocean, around the Great Barrier Reefs in Australia. One thing I can assure you, every sunset and sunrise, wherever you maybe, is both meaningful and spectacular.

The more you realize that, at the end of this event, there is one less sunset or sunrise in your “quota”, they become even more beautiful, meaningful.

When the Azaan from the Minarets remind you to pray during Maghreb, usually right after a sunset, before the red of the sky disappears, something clings to your heart and gratitude sweeps you for having lived another day.

Sun plays hide-and-seek amongst clouds in Annapolis – Last Week

I remember a very tough day, October 2010; right around sunset, I was given some very tough news that I have been somehow, expecting for a while. Still, knowing that my life was changing forever, right before my eyes, it was something I was fearful of.

The truth, however real, sometimes hurts a lot.

I went away to the beach near our home and spent the night watching the white surf.  I could taste the salt of the ocean on my face. I wrote a piece the following morning: The First Day of the Rest of My Life

In a matter of hours, the sun came up and washed away that immediate pain, anger and hurt that I had carried all night. As if, the ocean and the sun conspired together, to remind me of the gifts that surround me– of beautiful lives, smiles, hugs and emotions.

When you realize that your life is connected with all these beautiful people, somehow you derive energy from the sun, to rise again, and to go and make a difference.

Both sunrises and sunsets are meaningful in my life. I don’t necessarily believe in discrete ending of a day at the time of sunset.

Long ago, I had asked one of my elders, what happened to the sun at night – was it sleeping, bathing or going to the bathroom;  this wise person, told me that the sun did none of those things.

From that point onward, I have believed, that the after sunset, the Sun goes looking for nice things to bring back to me in a few hours, while I rest.

Just like a wonderful parent, during my happy and sad moments, the sun keeps reminding me of the continuous re-invention of life.


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