Terms of My Happiness: January 2012

Happiness is a birthday dinner with your loving daughters
Yesterday morning, Daiyaan, Shania and I took the boat and went enjoying the Atlantic for a couple of hours. Salty spray of water greeted us with a kiss and the sun shone brightly as we sped along the calm, almost “lake-like” ocean!

I was happy because I was with my favorite people, at my favorite place, doing my favorite thing! I sang out loud and told my girls to remember this moment, when they witnessed their father being truly happy. Very few moments are like that; and even when the air is filled with euphoria, it lasts for a short time.

As I bid farewell to the first month of this year, I realize that this has been one of the best months in my life, both personally and professionally. It started off with some great friends – partying; continued the following weekend with a wonderful run with friends and co-workers to the mesmerizing Key West. The next weekends saw more friends visit, some wonderful work accomplishments, all sprinkled with Shania’s constant laughter and Daiyaan’s loving storylines!

This weekend, starting on Thursday, has been a constant series of celebrations of my 45th birthday with family and friends surrounding me with undisputed love and affection!

My 88 -year old Grandmother called me from Bangladesh and described the story of how she carried me from Holy Family hospital to home on the day after I was born! Even at this stage of her life, this is one of the happiest memories she cherishes.

One must count their blessings – in the ability to see, feel, hear and taste every drop of happiness that touches us! More importantly, one must create and protect their own happiness.

I went out and got my first tattoo on my birthday.  Yin-Yang; balance – the principle I have striven for all my life. My sixteen-year old came with me, to the spa-like tattoo parlor, and watched my arm being needled away! She cringed every time the buzzing sound of needles started up! For the first time I felt, that my child, like my parents, also feels my pain – that’s an amazing feeling – to know that our connection is that deep, that molecular.

On the boat yesterday, I realized, that your happiness really comes from inside you – a gift from God! You are the source of that happiness!

Others may add to that happiness by their kindness, smile, music, warmth or a deep embrace; however, others cannot take away from your happiness unless YOU let them take something away!  Only YOU hold the key to how much and where your happiness will be taken away.

About a week ago, almost by design, I got a personal legal-letter accusing me of things I have never imagined doing; interestingly enough, this was from someone whom I have known for at least a decade!  I was angry and upset. A good friend told me to calm down and hold my peace. I slept over it; guess what, became stronger and more determined to remain happy on the following day.

When you are in a good place, there are always detractors, who believe they can bring you down – or can drown you in their own misery. But it’s really up to YOU to decide if you will let them drag you into their dark shadows.

I have faced such situations before; often, you feel like punching them down, swearing and cursing at them, and really putting them where they belong!

The best lesson, however, I learned from my father, many years ago, is that we must let these feelings go. The best revenge, for these poor souls, is for you to remain euphorically and unapologetically happy.

For as many hours left in our lives, our happiness is completely our own – because it comes from deep within; you may to share it with others – but that’s your choice. Letting others spread their darkness on you – is also your choice.

I choose to let bright sunshine fill my life and let the shadows be behind me; I will not let them catch up because, my happiness is my gift – for me to enjoy and share!


Happiness is a walk on the beach before sunset



5 thoughts on “Terms of My Happiness: January 2012

    1. Thanks, Renato. No, never thought of giving up work for words! I am not sure what makes me write. But I am happy when I write. Thanks for the encouragement.

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