When Good Things Happen: November 9 2013

The last four weeks have been some of the most tumultuous times in my life.

After struggling for three years, with dissolving the institution of marriage, the divorce finalized.

I moved from one home to another.

I was offered another “once in a lifetime” chance to join a world-class team to take an organization from “good to great” – the kind of opportunity most people dream about.

Heading  into these four weeks, I was nervous, anxious, worried; I stayed up late thinking about all the possibilities of things going wrong. My analytical mind concocted up linear algorithms of disaster, trauma and tragedy!

Finally, the nail-biting stormy, triple effect night passed, and none of those disasters materialized; this morning, as the sunlight shines down from heaven, I feel stronger, motivated and relieved. The feeling isn’t euphoric – it’s just a “deep breath” moment.

When the lights come down from heaven

I have regained my confidence in the energy of the Universe; good things do happen, when you keep your intentions pure and clean and when you choose to do the right and beautiful thing.

Your expectations do become your experience.

All through my journey, I am grateful for the moral compass of my two beautiful daughters. Every decision I make, every step I take, I have made their safety and  well-being as the center-piece. This centering allows me to think clearly – even if my heart is wondering or my brain is analyzing and criticizing.

I am also grateful for a wonderful, supportive community of friends and family who watch me struggle – never interfering– but keep telling me over and over – “This too shall passyou are making the right decisions”.

Just before the three events took place, I went away to Key West for two days and just walked the streets or sat by the pool trying to re-focus my energy. When quandary overwhelmed me, I called a friend asking for his guidance – specially on this emerging new role; his answer was clear, “Dude, you have trained yourself for this role all your life – why are you thinking so much? Do you think Shania will be happy if you aren’t happy? “  It gave me the clarity of thought at that moment to stop being a worrier!

I remember the evening before the court proceedings, I texted a few friends about being a nervous wreck; they left their work early, and met up for a glass of wine and helped me divert my attention to other things in life.

I Skyped my sister on weekends and unburdened my emerging feelings and anxiety. She patiently listened and encouraged me to keep moving forward and staying focused on the day after – the day when all this drama will be over.

At the end of the day, as I look out to what the Universe has gifted me; my health, my two awesome daughters,  wonderful – supportive friends and family and a truly wonderful career that has availed me possibilities to learn, grow, travel and work with some amazingly talented people. I have re-connected with my spiritual side and found peace in boating, writing, reading, wine and food.

I have so many things to be grateful for.

I watch the Atlantic this morning – the surf on the azure blue sea and wonder about the changing scenery – the clouds appear and disappear in a moment’s notice; as if the sea and the sky are teaching me that same lesson.

Good things do happen, when there are good intentions.

The skies do clear up and the ocean does regain its blue; just have to keep believing in the immense possibilities of the future.

8 thoughts on “When Good Things Happen: November 9 2013

  1. Zain..You are a true genius and a gentleman! Just knowing you has been a privilege! What a beautiful and heart touching blog essay. I loved it. I am in San Francisco and will be back tomorrow night. Let us touch base. We might be me moving back as your neighbor across from you at Oceanside. Want to wish you and Shania the very best! Radhey

  2. Zain as always your prolific writings are very much enjoyed. I will admit I had mixed feelings but in the end I am very happy that you have crossed yet another threshold in life and find yourself on the positive side. Congratulations on your new job and wish you continued success and happiness in life. Where is your new job? Love for the girls.

    1. Thank you Rehana Apa and Naveed Bhai: Your friendship and support has always been wonderful. Life, as you know, like a river, meanders through – whether we like it or not – accept it or not! Everyone’s fine. Daiyaan is in College and Shania is in 2nd grade, busy with soccer, cello, Indian Princesses – all those things that a 8 year old enjoys. Best Wishes. Zain

  3. Hello Zain, All the best in your transformation & new beginnings. I do enjoy your writings and find inspiration in your thoughts.

  4. Zain thank you for joining your doubts and fears as well as your belief in the good so open and honestly with us. It was a true inspiration. Maybe the secret of a fulfilled life is the ability to enjoy and appreciate all the good things in our lives and accept the dark as a part of the day.
    I wish that the sun may always shine warm on you and shade is passing fast.

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