Flow: Conscious Awareness of Perfect Alignment: March 10 2019

There are moments in your life, sometimes minutes, that you experience complete alignment. Things move along smoothly, no interruptions or distractions. As if nature has arranged things, in sequential harmony, just to lift you up.

Recognizing that moment in time, and realizing that you are in complete flow, is the skill we may not appreciate often.

Recently, on a trip to beautiful Bali, I experienced a complete afternoon of flow.
There was beauty, tranquillity and relative calm. After enjoying fresh mangoes, papaya, and a Balinese breakfast, I was in my own emerald green, dipping pool on a bright, sunny, humid day, picking out leaves.

Some of my favorite tunes were playing on the speaker; and there was nothing on the agenda for the day. Just me, this emerald green water, surrounded by tropical greenery. I felt, at that moment, as if, time stood still. There was no past, or future. No desire really to change much. Acceptance and Gratitude. 

After many years, there was a sense of completion. Recognizing that oneness, I told my silent, meditative self, I must surrender to this moment, and just inhale.

When tomorrow arrives, I will deal with it then.

Daiyaan arranged a beautiful dinner for my birthday!

About two weeks later, I was sitting across my daughter, at a dinner she had arranged, to celebrate my birthday. It was a lovely restaurant and we had wine, music and familiar chatter, as company. An amazing appetizer of grilled Brussel Sprouts with Sriracha sauce, and listening to Daiyaan tell me about her day – I recognized that same Balinese flow.

Things were just aligned right, and I told myself, I need to just stay in this moment.

As a parent, I know now, what it means to be delighted to watch your child grow up into an adult and listen to her solving problems on her own – with no help needed from you!

Back in Boston, on a snowy Saturday, Shania and I head out to Boston Commons, to possibly experience our last big snowstorm and the feeling of a winder wonderland!

Shania on the Snow

We walk around the Commons, on this partly sunny afternoon and Shania lays down on the snow. We find our favorite coffee store on Newbury Street and enjoy a Latte and a Red Velvet Doughnut with a complete conversation about her friends. Again, I feel like we are present, in this moment, taking this all in.

Experiencing Boston Commons After a Snowstorm

Through all of these moments, I have learned a few things.

First, this “Balinese” flow moment can arrive anytime; you maybe alone or with someone you love. You maybe walking alone on a trail and listening to your favorite song and be in complete harmony – or enjoying “gopshop”/adda with your favorite people over a cup of hot, sweet, milky tea!

Second, these moments are limited in time; it’s very important to give oneself the permission, to enjoy this short but sweet timespan – a minute or thirty minutes.

Third, collect something memorable, a smile on your digital memory, or a small souvenir, that you can look back at one day, and remember this moment in time, when you were truly content. Pay attention to the whatever senses you feel strongly about. In Bali, it maybe the humidity the emerald color swimming pool – but on the Colorado Rockies, it maybe the chill of the fresh air and the blue of the sky.

Each of us have happiness triggers; when you’re in flow, more than one of those triggers are aroused and your senses become more aware.

Fourth, you cannot go searching for this Balinese Flow; believe that this flow will find you and you are worthy of this discovery.

Finally, know that this amazing starburst moment, will end quickly and accept this reality whole heartedly; don’t be sad about the ending – express gratitude – in whatever direction you pray – for having the ability to experience this joyful moment.

This Sunday Morning, as the three of us are together, piled on top of each other, we know that shortly, Shania and I will be flying off to Boston and won’t see Daiyaan for a few more weeks. It’s a happy-sad moment; but I can sense the flow, and am grateful that I get to enjoy these two beautiful souls with me. Right Here. Right Now.

Bali may have taught me how to identify and stay in this moment of acceptance. But today, I am keeping my mind open for this amazing moment to show up again in my consciousness

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