Once in A Lifetime: A Tribute to the Parkson Team: April 2011

With the Parkson Team at the January 2012 Next Wave Meeting

Once in a lifetime, one gets a chance to do something special, work with a really special team, shape the future for a small part of the world – and, on top of all that, do something truly meaningful for the world.

I got that chance in Parkson.

I got the chance to be part of the Parkson team.

My first salute goes to those, who have been with Parkson, before I came on board in 2007: Mike Miller, Russ Cook, Barbara, Mark Parker, Francisco Camargo, Marianna Novellino, Andrea Gonzales, Jorge Fernandez, Adolfo Gonzales, Dave Mitchell, Irv Rubenstein, Chuck Morgan, Steve Rothenberg, Brian Lykins, Julio Moscoso, Edna Sugden, Chris Hall, Madhavi Batchu, Marty Unger, Mike Jacob, Louise Dunevant, Jean Grenier and many others, and of course, my compass, the one and only, Janie Wintermeyer.

Your support and feedback during these “almost” five years have been tremendous; your guidance has made this journey rich, and ultimately possible.

For all others, who have joined Parkson since Fall 2007, you have shaped this journey – this moment is yours, as it is mine.

Together, we have set a tremendous foundation for Parkson: a rejuvenated portfolio, newly acquired products, new brand, new team, new white spaces,  new world regions, a fresh perspective, a fresh approach to doing business: Treating Water Right!

If there is one thing I feel the best about the Parkson team today, is the completely confident spirit – the spirit that exemplifies that we are all together in this – and, together, we can achieve anything!

I am confident you will build on this.

After completing the 200 mile Ragnar Relay with the Parkson-MiOx Water Boys at Key West in Jan 2012: A Truly Once in a Lifetime experience!

This dream, is more yours, than it is mine. I just happened to be here catalyzing your thoughts.

The best days of Parkson, are yet to come.

In 2013, I am confident, Parkson will set a record for revenues and profitability.

Once in a lifetime, one gets to be part of a journey of this magnitude.

With Antonia Johnson, the owner of Parkson in January 2011

I am privileged that, for five years, the Axel Johnson Family and Michael Milligan invited me be part of this “Once in a Lifetime” experience. I am humbled by everyone’s support over these years.

I thank you for all your feelings towards me and my family.

I expect you to keep in touch. write, email, text, FaceBook, Linkedin or blog with me, and come visit.  My mobile number will remain the same.

At the end of the day, I have learned, life’s a series of snapshots of relationships. I like the snapshots that I have taken with the Parkson Team. I think you guys are a keeper!

Thanks everyone.

Let’s not say goodbye.

Let’s just say, we will see each other soon!

I didn't wear pink on the day the Women of Parkson commemorated the Breast Cancer Day - so someone gave me a pink scarf to wear! That's the Parkson Spirit!